Let’s face it; most of us don’t relish the idea of spending money on dental care.  However, it’s definitely not something that should be put off because ultimately a healthy mouth will contribute to a healthy wallet, not to mention a healthy smile.

Instead of reacting to the dental bill after the fact, we recommend taking the time to budget your oral care costs in advance.  In the long run you’ll also discover that being proactive with your care will keep dental costs down by a significant amount.  This is because the longer you wait to care for your teeth, the more they deteriorate and that’s when your dental costs begin to skyrocket.

Steps for Budgeting Your Dental Care:

  1. The first thing you should do is to check into your dental insurance if you have it to understand the details of your coverage.
  2. Next, call your dentist’s office to find out the general cost for the services that you’ll be receiving or anticipate receiving in the coming year.  For example, you’ll definitely want to know the cost for your twice-yearly cleaning and your X-rays.
  3. Calculate what the annual cost will be for you and your family based on the information you gather after step two and compare that with the information you gathered about your dental coverage.
  4. Divide the end amount by 12 and set aside that amount every month.  Once you have the funds set aside, schedule your appointment(s).  This way the money is there and ready.

Keep in mind that if you have an immediate need that was not considered when budgeting that you should NOT wait to see the dentist.  Call into the office and discuss payment options that may be available.