Are You Taking Advantage of Your Dental Insurance?


smiling familyIf you have dental insurance, more likely than not your plan covers your regular exams, cleanings, and X-rays.  It’s also likely that your coverage is at 100% for these prevention-based visits, this means no out of pocket expense to you!  Even though there are probably many other things you’d rather do than go to the dentist, keeping your teeth and gums healthy is actually a big part of your overall health.

Dental insurance is not just for toothaches and emergency situations.  Staying on top of your oral health with regular exams means preventing those visits to the dentist later for more serious issues.  You will save money and the pain associated with preventable toothaches.

If you’re uncertain about your coverage simply call our office, Nicole or Kasia will be happy to look into your dental benefits for you!  You can also fill out the convenient online form and put insurance question in the subject line.

Some insurance providers that we accept are Delta Dental, Washington Dental, Metlife, Cigna, Premera and more.  See more of the insurance providers we work with here.