South Sound Dental Healthy Smiles Discount Plan

Our Exclusive No-Hassle, In-Office Dental Plan

NO waiting periods, NO hidden clauses, NO services that aren’t covered! Let the savings begin!

Adult Membership

$399/Year (12 Months)

Add An Additional Family member at a lower price:

Spouse Enrollment$349.00
Child Enrollment$249.00

Included Benefits:

  • Two routine exams
  • Necessary x-rays
  • Two regular cleaning visits
Regular cleaning visits total:$285.00
Standard Cleaning:$133.00
Total savings for you:$475.00 a year

Additional Benefits with this voucher:

  • Our healthy smiles voucher includes 20% savings on needed dental treatment!
ServiceOffice FeeSouth Sound Dental Plan
Root Scaling of Teeth$285 per quad$228 per quad
Simple Extraction$230$184
Build Up$324$259.20
3 Surface Filling (Post)$353$282.40
2 Surface Filling (Anterior)$262$209.60
Molar Root Canal$1438$1150.40
Bi-Cuspid Root Canal$1150$920
Anterior Root Canal$1005$804
Bridge Crown Unit$1399$1119.20
Partial Denture$1690$1352

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