Emergency Dentist in Tacoma WA

If you have a dental emergency and live in the Tacoma area, call our office right away (253) 473-4303!  We will do everything we can to work you into our schedule if your emergency is during regular business hours.

3 Easy Steps to Schedule Your Appointment

  1. Call us or click here to Schedule An Appointment
  2. We will call you to ask you some questions
  3. Bring in completed New Patient paperwork.

After Hours Emergency Dental Care

If your dental emergency is outside of normal business hours, over the weekend, or during holidays, please call our office at (253) 473-4303 Ask for the doctor’s emergency contact number.

What To Do If You Are Experiencing A Dental Emergency

Tooth Ache

Begin by thoroughly cleaning around the sore tooth.  Use warm salt water and rinse your mouth to remove any food trapped between teeth.  DO NOT use aspirin on the aching tooth or on the gum.  If you experience facial swelling, apply a cold compress to the area.  For temporary pain relief, acetaminophen is recommended.  Please contact us for an appointment if the pain persists for more than a day.

Cut Or Bitten Tongue, Lip Or Cheek

Apply ice to any bruised areas.  For bleeding, apply firm, but gentle, pressure with a sterile gauze or a clean cloth.  If bleeding does not stop after applying pressure to the area or persists longer than 15 minutes, go to an emergency room.

Broken Tooth

If you break a tooth rinse the area with warm water and put a cold compress over the facial area of the injury. If you broke a tooth with a crown, please bring in that crown.

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

In the case of knocking out a complete tooth, recover the tooth holding it by the crown and not the root.  Rinse it off but do not clean or handle it more than necessary.  Reinsert the tooth into the socket, holding it in place with a clean piece of gauze or cloth.  If the tooth cannot be reinserted, carry it in a cup containing milk or water.  Time is essential so call us right away for immediate attention!

Possible Broken Jaw

If you injure your jaw, tie your mouth closed with a handkerchief, tie, or towel.  Go to the emergency room right away.

Bleeding After A Baby Tooth Falls Out

If bleeding occurs after your child has lost a baby tooth, fold a piece of gauze and place it tightly over the bleeding area.  Have the child bite down on the gauze for 15 minutes.  If bleeding continues, see the dentist.

We are in-network with your insurance plan.  If you do not have insurance we offer a $49 special for an exam and x-ray.

Emergency Dentist Location

South Sound Dental Care is conveniently located near Highway 16 at the Union Ave exit in Tacoma. Getting here quickly and easily is another reason to choose us as your Emergency Dentist in Tacoma.

South Sound Dental Care

If you need an emergency dentist call our office right away (253) 473-4303!  We will do everything we can to work you into our schedule if your emergency is during regular business hours or connect with you the doctor after hours.