Patient Reviews

Our patients love us. Below you will find just a few reviews and testimonials about Dr. Khan and South Sound Dental Care.  We have many more patient reviews located on Zocdoc and Yelp.

Top Dentists in Tacoma 2015

Dr. Moona N. Khan, DDS winner of the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards in Tacoma Dentistry

“I would like to personally thank Dr. Moona Khan for her caring and attentive service. As a child I had a traumatic dental experience that has since caused me high anxiety and stress during dental treatment. This was the first time I can remember that I felt comfortable at a Dental office. Additionally, my daughter was home from college and needed to have her wisdom teeth extracted. Dr. Khan was incredibly considerate, gentle and nurturing prior, setting expectations, during and post care. Thank you for a wonderful and positive dental experience. South Sound Dental is a wonderful choice for dental needs.”

– Joey M.

“Dr. Khan, Val, Olga, and every single staff member I’ve ever worked with, or should I say worked on me, has been outstanding, professional, kind, caring, and just completely outstanding, as much as I hate dentists, after visiting south sound dental I actually look forward to seeing and dealing with such nice, fun, and professional staff, and thank you for the incredible care you give.”

– Dwayne

“Professional and friendly services, and conveniently located near the Tacoma mall.”

– Stephen H.

“I have been a patient at South Sound Dental Care for about 10 years. I was very happy when Dr. Khan came to the practice. In general I do not enjoy the dentist, who does right? But Dr. Khan and her staff somehow make it a pleasant experience. Dr. Khan is easy to communicate with and I know that she and the rest of the staff have my best interest at heart.”

– Charles C.

“I have always been what you may call a “dental baby.” As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that’s what the front page of my chart says. While other practices say they “cater” to my kind of phobia and fear, South Sound Dental and their staff does not cater. They care. They care for me (and my mouth) and they are not afraid to call it like they see it but help me get where I need to be with thoughtful approaches to treatment and respect for the patient (and their time). If you are looking for a great provider, give them a call…take it from this guy, who actually was so calm today I think I actually fell asleep in the chair.”

– Zach S.

“Love it! Dr. Khan and her staff are outstanding!

– Stephanie C.

“Love Dr. Khan!!! She is super nice and great with my kids!!! The best dentist I have found for my family and I thus far!”

– Bridget J.

“Me and my son go here. This has to be the best dentist I’ve ever been to. They are so friendly and caring, would definitely recommend them to anyone in search of a good dentist.”

– Deija-Rae G.