How Can I Get Whiter Teeth?

There seem to be an endless number of whitening treatments in the oral health care aisle of grocery stores and drug stores – white strips, whitening chewing gum, trays, gels, and of course toothpaste.   This is because we all want a beautiful bright white smile.   It seems that having a white smile has never been more important.  Some may say it’s the world we live: marketing bombarding us with beautiful people and the incessant need to be one of them.  Of course there is a lot of truth to that and balance in anything is key, but another truth is that having a nice smile goes a long way when it comes to our self-confidence.

This desire for whiter teeth isn’t actually a new thing.  It started thousands of years ago.  The Greeks had formulations to whiten their teeth and Europeans at the beginning of the Renaissance used compounds on their teeth to try to whiten them.  We’ve come a long way, however, with our teeth whitening technology and for the most part whitening teeth using over-the-counter products and at the dentist are both safe and effective.  With that said, there are known cases of people going overboard and over bleaching.  This may be in part due to the fact that people want to achieve a “Hollywood-like” smile with bleach alone and many people in Hollywood have veneers.

The best bet for achieving the smile you desire is to talk to the dentist about your goals. There are excellent in-office whitening treatments available and the results are immediate.  (Don’t miss our first visit special offer for teeth whitening).  And for some, veneers are an excellent decision.  With all the options available today, there is no reason to not have the smile you want.  When you are confident in your smile you will use it more often – and that is a truly beautiful thing!