Getting your children started early with habits associated with good oral hygiene is very important.  However, doing this can be a bit of a challenge.  Of course, even as adults, we find brushing a chore, but when we’re trying to instill the importance of brushing into the minds of our young ones we want to lead by example and this includes attacking the “chore” with enthusiasm!  Here are some tips for getting your kids to brush their teeth:

– Set the example by being happy about brushing your teeth.  If you make it look fun, your kids will want to do it too.

– Get matching toothbrushes and let them copy you.

– Buy electric toothbrushes to add more entertainment value to brushing.

– Tell them a story.  Give them a reason to brush their teeth with a story that explains why it’s so important

– Use a dissolving agent, which can be found at pharmacies, to show them the plaque on their teeth.

– Let your children pick out their own toothpaste.

– Have your kids brush their teeth and then have them brush their dolls or stuffed animal’s teeth.

– Make a lot of bubbles and have a bubble-making contest with brushing.  Whoever creates the most bubbles is getting their teeth the cleanest.

– Give them a timer and have them be in charge of setting the timer and brushing until it goes off.

– Praise them when they brush for two whole minutes.