South Sound Dental Benefits Plan

Our Exclusive No-Hassle, In-Office Discount Plan

NO waiting periods, NO hidden clauses, NO services that aren’t covered!  Unlimited Maximum.

If you’re paying a high monthly premium for your dental insurance, stop in or call us today to help you save money!

If you’re retiring soon and your benefits are expiring, don’t overpay with Cobra! Take advantage of our low cost discount plan.

Let the savings begin!

Adult Membership

$399/Year (12 Months)j


For your convenience we now offer a monthly payment option:
$43 a month for 12 months*

Add An Additional Family member at a lower price:

Spouse Enrollment $349.00
Child Enrollment $249.00

Included Benefits:

  • Two routine exams
  • Necessary x-rays
  • Two regular cleaning visits
Regular cleaning visits total: $278.00
Exam: $67.00
X-rays: $81.00
Standard Cleaning: $130.00
Total savings for you: $475.00 a year

Additional Benefits with the Plan:

  • Discounts on ALL dental services. A 20% off savings!
    Free customized bleaching package when you sign up! That’s a $250.00 value included!
Service Office Fee South Sound Dental Plan
Root Scaling of Teeth $274 per quad $219.20 per quad
Simple Extraction $230 $184
Build Up $315 $252
Crown $1310 $1048
3 Surface Filling (Post) $315 $252
2 Surface Filling (Anterior) $262 $209.60
Molar Root Canal $1278 $1022.40
Bi-Cuspid Root Canal $990 $792
Anterior Root Canal $877 $701.60
Bridge Crown Unit $1310 $1048
Partial Denture $1408 $1126.40
Denture $1475 $1180
Nightguard $435 $348

If you don’t have insurance this is a great “no insurance discount plan” offer!

Call South Sound Dental Care to Enroll: 253.473.4303

*First and last payment is required when you sign up for the monthly payment plan.  Call for details.