We are all very aware of the numerous dangers associated with smoking cigarettes and throughout our dental website you will find caution for numerous reasons admonishing you to abstain from smoking cigarettes.

For these reasons and many more, electronic cigarettes are becoming very common and popular and while many more studies need to be done to determine how safe they are for your oral health, initial reports seem to show that given a choice between the two, e-cigarettes are the better option.

Traditional cigarettes cause plaque to build up, yellowing of teeth, oral cancer, and bad breath.  Chemicals in the cigarette smoke leave a residue on teeth that cause staining and are also the source of many dental health problems.

One of the benefits of e-cigarettes is that they do not produce smoke.  They produce a vapor that you inhale when smoking that does not contain the same chemicals that traditional cigarettes contain.  E-cigs use a liquid that is a mix of nicotine, water, flavoring, and some other chemicals that turn into vapor when inhaled.  E-cigs do not cause teeth discoloration, plaque buildup or bad breath like traditional cigarettes do.

The nicotine from e-cigarettes is still harmful to your oral health since it impedes your ability to produce saliva, which can cause bacteria to buildup, a dry mouth, and cavities.  However, since you can choose the level of nicotine in e-cigarettes, a lower level will naturally be better for your health.

Some negative reports from patients using e-cigs include mouth irritation, dry mouth, sore throat, and mouth ulcers.  More studies need to be done, however the evidence to date shows that between the two types of cigarettes, e-cigarettes are the better choice.