The worry when we go to the dentist is usually that we’ll find out that we have a cavity.  But tooth decay is not the only thing that can be damaging to our teeth.  More and more people are dealing with the effects of dental erosion.  In short, dental erosion is when the enamel on our teeth starts to erode away exposing the sensitive dentine underneath.

The acid that is found in the food and beverages we consume is what can cause dental erosion; it has a chemical reaction that softens enamel and over time it erodes away.  This is dangerous because it’s the enamel on our teeth that keep them protected.  When we start losing enamel we’re likely to experience sensitivity and other tooth and gum issues.

The good news is that it’s preventable.  For instance, be aware that you should wait awhile to brush your teeth after eating or drinking anything acidic.  Usually we think of brushing right away after eating as a good thing, but after consuming acidic foods our enamel is soft having lost some of its mineral content for a short time.  It’s important that you give it a while to get hard again before brushing.  Don’t over brush, use a soft toothbrush, and avoid overly abrasive toothpaste.

If you’re concerned about dental erosion or for more information on prevention and treatment give us a call or talk to the dentist about your concerns the next time you visit.